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A start-up challenging the status quo proposed by Viswesh Suresh Madhav

From the ideation to the inception

“I strived to follow my passion. You never know how much potential you possess until you put it to the test. Being employed binds you to a certain set of rules that limits your abilities and I aspired to reach a certain height by traveling a less traveled road i.e entrepreneurship,” reveals Viswesh Suresh Madhav, the ‘founder’ of Humanoid Systems. He had always been a tech enthusiast since his early teen years,  and later decided to launch a tech solution firm to help businesses choose the right cutting-edge and futuristic technologies and harness their full growth potential, Viswesh Suresh Madhav built the foundation for his journey to entrepreneurship with the experience of developing unique tech solutions.

He embarked upon his entrepreneurial voyage in 2018 with the inception of Humanoid Systems. With sheer dedication and commitment to make his venture a big success, he has made this company synonymous with tech-based savior for businesses. Addressing his initial journey, he stated that the company started with web development services in 2018  as the company was not registered and they were still working as freelancers.

Forging ahead in 2019, Humanoid Systems gradually started working on some big projects across the community. Later in 2020, they became a registered company and started working on application development processes. Since its inception, the company has handled a myriad of customers for whom they have developed tailor-made solutions. In 2021, the company gained pace and became a fully customer-dedicated company that has now extended the reach of its customers’ products in different countries. And with the onset of 2022, Viswesh reveals that they are planning to step into the world of NFTs and blockchain-backed technologies.

When asked to throw some light on the functioning of his company, he explains that advanced solutions for hassle-free operations to deepen user engagement and leveraging the latest technologies is what Humanoid Systems stands for. Read More

Courtesy: Business Connect Magazine (https://businessconnectindia.in/humanoid-systems/)

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